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Humberto Guzman

Director, Photographer, and Cinematographer

Originally from Cali, Colombia and raised in New Jersey. Even as a child, I have always had a deep interest in visual storytelling. 

As a bilingual photographer, director, producer, cinematographer, and editor, my passion is deeply rooted in depicting interesting stories with rich characters and finding the most visually compelling way to connect the audience emotionally to a story.

Originally starting photography as a hobby, 9 years ago I decided to make it a career.  Working professionally for companies like ZocDoc Inc. and Smartshoot Inc. in collaboration with UberEats and Grubhub as well as having my own freelance services for headshots and behind the scenes promotional photography. 


From photography came a huge interest in actual film-making. This allowed me to enjoy playing with traditional narratives exploring elements of horror, science fiction and romance while infusing dimension and rich texture.

With this profound understanding for the movie making process, several of my films have screened in a variety of film festivals, including "Based On True Events" a thriller/drama which garnered more than a few awards and nominations. A comedy “Mixed Signals” which won Best Romantic Comedy and Best Actor at the NoHu Film Festival in New York City. And most recently "The Hunted" has honored me with a Best Cinematography award from the Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival and many other nominations.

I want to focus on creating high quality content and believe a strong production base is critical, whether that is a large production or a small crew in a grassroots effort. 

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