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Films and videos edited by Humberto Guzman.

Based on True Events (Short Film)

Best Local Film at Golden Door Film Festival, Best NJ Film at NJ Horror Film Festival.

Nominated Best Director, Best Editing, Best Screenplay at NJ Horror Film Festival. Nominated Best Actress Golden Door Film Festival.

Official selection Golden Door Film Festival, NJ Horror Con & Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival.

Adhesive Love (Short Film)

Best Dramatic short and Best Actor at NoHu International Film Festival. 

Being a Father (Short Film)

Audience Award winning short film at Chicago Comic Con.

Catslaughter (Short Film)

Best Supporting actress at NoHu International Film Festival.

Official selection Garden State Film Fest, Take Two Film Fest, Indieworks and Videology.

Mixed Signals (Short Film)
May The Angels (Music Video Performance)
Black Heart Music Video
I Love You, Too (Short Film)
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