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A babysitter gets more than she bargains for when the child she cares for forms an unlikely friendship.

Starring Liz Meinders and Brianna Hauser

Written and directed by Humberto Guzman

Produced by Giancarlo Orellana and Liz Meinders

Cinematography by Aiden Schultz-Meyer

Visual effects work by Skyler Pinkterton and Ferdinand Alameda

Make-up by Stephanie Albarracin


Best Horror Film Tonkawa Film Festival 2022

Runner-Up Best Horror/Thriller at Brightside Film Festival 2022

Nominated for Best Horror/Thriller Director, Best Horror/Thriller Short Film, and

Best Short Short at Brightside Film Festival

Official selection Brightside Film Festival, Tonkawa International Film Festival,

Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival and Scared For Your Life Film Festival.


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